The Medical Office Building (MOB)

MOBs are specialised healthcare real estate premises that are predominantly used for delivering ambulant medical care for patients as well as for accommodating additional medical and non-medical facilities, including healthcare retail premises, e.g. pharmacies, medical supply stores, opticians, laboratories and restaurants.

These modern facilities are an emerging core asset class within the German healthcare real estate landscape – soon to become an institutionalised sector similar to that in the United States, the United Kingdom and Australia.

The German healthcare market is the largest in Europe with a very positive economic outlook due to demographic developments, an ageing population and rising healthcare expenditure.

Market challenges are resulting in new forms of healthcare services operating platforms, with MOBs becoming the real estate vehicles that meet the stringent quality requirements of physicians and patients in relation to modern accommodation facilities.

CORPUS SIREO International S.à.r.L. (“CSINT”), through its healthcare team which is the leader in this particular market, is taking the initiative in institutionalising this asset class and in doing so is offering an investment opportunity for international and national institutional investors to invest within the German MOB segment.

By acting as a “first mover” in this emerging real estate sector within the institutional marketplace, an investor is able to:

  • Generate attractive returns from long-term lease terms and a stable tenant structure,
  • Capture strong annuity income with capital value growth,
  • Establish a modern portfolio with excellent locations, with assets located on health campuses as well as in CBD locations.